Fran Swaine

Helping organisations
better communicate
through digital marketing
Specialising in helping small to medium-sized organisations, charities and NFPs; my role as a marketing consultant is to listen to your needs, understand your vision and translate it into something tangible.
Listen  Understand  Translate
My approach focuses on really getting to know you, your organisation and your team, learning what makes your organisation tick and understanding your objectives. I provide creative and innovative solutions that allow you to communicate better, increase your visibility, and deliver results that meet or exceed your goals.

What I can do for you.


Research and identify the right words to express and demonstrate the ethos of your organisation - helping to get across who you are and what you represent.
Digital Marketing Consultancy

Devise creative solutions that are the right fit for you – from the early stages of planning and strategy through to setup and implementation.

Empower your team with the advantages of digital knowledge – from the theory of how digital can improve your organisation, through to practical skills like getting you up to speed on social media.
“Fran has made a real and tangible difference to Artists Open Houses. Her strategic social media campaign has been instrumental in attracting a new audience, demonstrably swelling visitor numbers. Her input has been invaluable and the results remarkable.”

Judy Stevens, Festival Director, Artists Open Houses

Blog Posts
4 things charities can learn from Lego’s amazing social media strategy

  I recently read this article on econsultancy about Lego’s social media strategy and what makes it so great and it got me thinking. Lego is a huge profitable brand with bags of budget; something many of the organisations I work with simply don’t have. So what can charities and other smaller organisations learn from [...]

Why your conversion data is misrepresenting your marketing

  When you look at conversion data in Google Analytics it’s actually a misrepresentation of what’s happened on your website. Shocking I know. Especially when you are making key marketing decisions based on this information. Why is this? By default Google assigns a conversion to the last clicked traffic source but as we all know, [...]

It’s not the tools that you use, it’s the stories that you tell…

  A common worry I hear from organisations is “We don’t know which social media tools to use!” Often they spend a lot of time deliberating over whether it’s better to focus on Twitter or if Pinterest will help generate them better awareness. Every time I hear this concern my answer remains the same: Stop [...]

What makes a good email marketing campaign?

  It can be tricky to explain the recipe of a great email marketing campaign – so when I got an email from a charity who were doing it exceptionally well, I had to share. This morning I got an email from Movember. It was to a gmail account so it got filtered into promotions [...]